April 27, 2016


Batman fans this one is for you…

The Batmobile Photographed by Cartwright Photography

I’ve had the great pleasure of spending 4 days with this UTTER BEAST of a car.
To celebrate the launch of the new Batman vs. Superman – Dawn of Justice film Jeep organised a huge promo event in Oxfordshire. Special guests got to ride the purpose built off-road course in the new Jeep Renegade. At the end of the course they came face to face with the Batmobile. Not a model. Not a prop. The actual Batmobile used in the film, driven by Ben Affleck himself.

It’s difficult to gauge from the pictures but this thing is huge!
Before we get stuck into the pictures here are some stats:
– It weighs 3.5 tonnes
– 12 feet wide, 21 feet long
– The back tyres come up to my shoulder
– Built by the legendary Dennis McCarthy – took two years
– Complete scratch build from the ground up – not based on any other vehicle
– Steel chassis and fiberglass bodywork
– Reputed to have cost $3M for two of them
– It’s packing a massive 6.2L V8 (Chevy LS3 from a Camaro and Corvette)
– Tuned to just over 600bhp
– Sounds like the universe is tearing itself apart when it’s revved. Mainly thanks to the straight through exhaust (actually it has a tiny muffler that doesn’t really do much)
– 3 speed auto ‘box
– Power steering
– One not so careful owner

So now for some pictures…
It was fascinating to get up close to this thing and examine the level of painstaking detail that you just don’t see in the film.
Check out the close-up pictures below and note the dirt, grime, marks and scratches. All done by hand! The car was clean but looks like it’s been in a battle!


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